“Where have you been?”

My gosh, people asked,”Where have you been?” It’s been over 6 months since you’ve added anything to your blog. Is everything alright?

The answer is all is well but I’ve been quite busy setting up Desert Dreaming Photography as a sole-proprietor business and trying to drum up more sales. In the meantime I decided to introduce myself to the business community more by doing event photography as well as my first love…landscape photography. In addition I’ve really enjoyed a little more wildlife photography in New Mexico ( more on that in a followup post )

I’ve found out that people are really like my black and white and sepia work. This style of print my customers say really is easier to place in a home. Color photographs are often selected based on the color scheme of the room and so limits its placement. So here are two of my most recent images for you to enjoy. What do you think?

Winter Yellow Barrel Fruit

Winter Yellow Barrel Fruit – Selective Color over Sepia


This one was shot with my Sony A77 at 1/200 second, f/5.6, ISO 400, at 18 mm. The day was cloudy, absolutely no wind and very quiet. That’s what I like about the desert most of the time; the solitude. Upon looking at the images in Adobe Lightroom later I noticed that the only color was the light green of the Fishhook Barrel and the yellow fruit on top. So I decided that I’d use a selective color approach to the photograph and just bring out the yellow on both cactus and let the rest of the image go sepia. I didn’t care too much for the straight b/w version.

Here’s another one.

Gone but Not Forgotten - Selective Color over Sepia

Gone but Not Forgotten – Selective Color over Sepia

This one was shot with my Sony A77 at 1/125 second, f/8, ISO 400, with an 11 mm wide angle lens. In this case the color I enjoyed was the rust color since the rest of this cactus was black and grey. I feel the selective rust color makes for a pleasant image.

So I hope you all like these pictures and I promise I’ll be back sooner with some other images I’ve done during the last six months hiatus.


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