Timelapse Madness

Timelapse setup for 3 hour shoot

Timelapse setup for 3 hour shoot

So I got the Timelapse bug. After seeing so many neat video’s of long time events speeded up to a few seconds I decided to give it a try. My setup is above. Basically it involves my camera, an intervalometer, time-lapse calculator, time-lapse de-flicker software, and batteries for a continuous 3-hour session.

Basically the software needs to know what I want my frame rate to be, 24-25, 03 30 fps. How many frames to shoot per group (i.e. interval), how long I want my video to end up being (i.e. 34 seconds), and how long of a duration do I want to shoot.  My software told me I needed a picture every 12 seconds. Later I combined them (over 900 shots) into a time lapse video lasting only 34 seconds.

Drop me a line and I can go over some of the detail if you wish.

Hope you enjoy it.

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