The Queen of the Night returns…

On the 10th of July the Queen of the night returned. 

For several years now our Peniocereus greggi had lain dormant. Or so we thought. Last year we were on vacation and came back to withered blooms hanging from our night blooming cereus. We’d never seen a blossom the 5 years it had been in the ground.

Peniocereus greggi - Queen of the Night

Peniocereus greggi – Queen of the Night

This year though we were pleased to see of the 4 blooms, two actually popped flowers. Due to the very dry monsoons the last few years many of these somewhat ugly stalk-twig like plants pulled their bud blossoms back in before they actually formed a flower. But 2 of them did bloom, along with 4 others on another plant given to us earlier in the spring.

4 Peniocereus greggi

4 Peniocereus greggi


Here’s one last look inside its luscious center.

Yellow center

Yellow center

My wife has a perfume called Queen of the Night and is sold as the scent of these flowers. But alas they really don’t have a scent we can smell. Ahh the gift of marketing hype.

These wonderful blooms only happen one night a year and if you miss it…too bad. Try again next year. At least this year we saw them getting ready to bloom and when the sun went down the blooms opened up only to wilt as the sun came up the next morning. What a glorious night it must have been for them as the hummingbird moths and bees crawled to and fro in the mating night of the cereus.

Enjoy the Monsoon season my friends and keep an eye out for the elusive night bloomers.

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