It’s finally here and it’s not a Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III

At WPPI in Las Vegas this Spring I had the opportunity to try the new Nikon D800 full frame camera; it was amazing as was the Canon 1DX; totally amazing! The 5D Mark III wasn’t released yet but I would expect it is a wonder too!

I actually got to try out the Sony SLT-A77. The second generation translucent mirror technology camera with a 16-50, f2.8 “kit” lens.

Front left view with 16-50 mm f2.8 lens

Actually decided to put a decent piece of glass on the camera. The lens alone is over $600 if purchased separately. It too was absolutely amazing, nearly silent and extremely quick-focusing.

A77 SLT (Single Lens Translucent) 24.3 megapixel

So what was the big deal? I was in the market to upgrade my camera body and I thought it might be time to move up to a full-frame camera and Sony was the only APS-C I considered. So I once again was torn and it seemed whenever I made a decision to buy the , they weren’t available yet. Same with the . Same with the Sony. Ever since the major earthquake in Japan and the nuclear melt-down caused many of the technology companies to move operations to Thailand, delays were months at a time. Then the rains hit there and put the plants under water in certain locations causing even more delays.

Rear view contains a tillable 3″ 921K megapixel screen and a 100% area electronic OLED (organic light emitting diode) viewfinder.

All through that period the entire world of photographers waited, money in hand, ready to snatch up any new camera offered. Major distributors would have a few cameras to offer and then the supply chain dried up time after time. So now we’re near the end of June and supply channels are becoming more reliable and the Canon and Sony products are now available and the Nikons are showing up slowly online at Adorama and B & H in New York. It was time for me to fish or cut bait as my dad used to say.

I checked my bank account, took a deep breath and let out a sigh. For me to abandon my Minolta/Sony legacy equipment I’d have to spend thousands of dollars to duplicate either Nikon or Canon lenses. So fortunately I had tried all the cameras I was to choose from. Sony’s new translucent mirror technology and 24.3 megapixel camera won out again!

Yes I’d like to have a full-frame camera but it’s not in the cards at this time. I received delivery of my new camera last week and have had a little time playing with it. Fortunately there isn’t a large learning curve from my A350 or Minolta so I only have to learn the new stuff like 3D, panorama, in-camera, rapid 12 frame-per-second shooting, and video capture. That ought to keep me busy till the cows come home. (Hmmm, how many of those cutesy little sayings did I use in this post; three?)

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