Isn’t it time for a Custom Photo Tour?

Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset

There are times on one’s vacation when time is short. Juggling between family time and photography time. I know whenever my family went on holiday it sometimes resulted in the proverbial “do I take my DSLR or not”. I wanted to get that neat early morning or sunset shot during the golden hour but isn’t that breakfast or dinner time? It made for hassles with the whole family. I couldn’t justify a separate vacation just for me.

Then there was the problem of visiting a new location and not really knowing where to go for a good view and when to arrive to get the best shot. Also there is the difficulty of how long it would take to get from one picturesque location to another. What about meals?

In beautiful Sedona Arizona we have used the Pink Jeep Tours which are a wonderful way to get a lay of the land and take a few snaps…but as a landscape photographer I’m not into snaps unless it’s just for family remembrances. So after the tour I could attempt to “re-tour” the locations during the golden hour, sans family.

So I got to thinking what if Desert Dreaming Photography, my little company, offered Custom Photo Tours. I would research popular photographic locations in and around Tucson, Tombstone, and Bisbee Arizona. I’d find the best golden hour locations, find the driving time between these locations, find the seasonal sunrise/sunset times, chart them all out so I could offer, you guessed it…Custom Photo Tours. So that’s what I’ve done.

Now visitors can plan ahead with their families. Give Dad or Mom a day or two exercising their creative juices photographing the popular photographic locations and be guaranteed to be on site at the right time as well as get to the next selected location on time to set up, and shoot location two. Maybe even schedule a third location miles away for the evening spectacular sunset overlooking a Saguaro studded hillside.

Since these tours are “custom” a customer can contact me at 520-342-5838 and I can work out a custom itinerary based upon their interests and capabilities. Think of it as a custom backstage Disneyland tour but in the Greater Tucson Arizona area.

I guide interested photographers to popular and sometimes unknown locations offering camera guidance and composition suggestions. Rates for these tours are $175/per person/per 8 hour day. Minimum of 1 day and maximum of 6 people per tour. If you are interested in visiting Sabino Canyon, Gates Pass, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, the San Xavier Mission, East/West Saguaro National Monument, Signal Hill Petroglyphs, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Tohono-Chul Park, or Agua Caliente Park please check out this video. The photographs were taken at a few of these venues. Please call or email me at for times and dates of interest.

“I love world class photography.  Tom has the rare gift of inspiring through both breath taking imagery and a wondrous love for people.  So thankful for this artist…”  Lee Miller



2 thoughts on “Isn’t it time for a Custom Photo Tour?

  1. Hey Tom. My daughter and I were speaking with your wife for a few minutes outside Starbucks this morning about cats. Please thank her for me!

    I also saw the magnet regarding photo tours on the side of your car. I’ve a few questions for you and am wondering if there’s a good email address I can contact you at as I’m not seeing one here and couldn’t find a facebook page for you, either.


    • Hi John…I remember you sitting outside at Starbucks but I didn’t stop to say hello. I remember your nice dog. My wife says, “Hi” back to you.

      I see you are may be interested in the Creative Photo Tours part of my Desert Dreaming Photography business. I’ve emailed you directly so please let me know if you don’t get the message soon. You can email me directly at or you can use the shorter email

      I look forward to answering your questions.


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