Can Photography Extend Your Life?

Recently I read a great online article by Mary Segers on the website’s “Photography  Tips and Techniques” section.

Mary states, “With the proper camera and vision, photography can make your life much better.

As I read through her article it reminded me of a blog entry I added back in 2014. You might want to read it too; Go to the top of this page and click on “Blog”.  It’s called “Did You Notice”.

Photography grants us a sort of immortality by documenting life, your families life, and others. The process a person goes through often times relieves stress as we peek into the natural world.



The symmetry of a hummingbirds wings, of a flower’s petals, or of the dragonfly’s wings imparts in us the beauty and exactness of nature. I can’t help but think of a Creator when I look at a snow capped mountain or a beautiful sunset.

Desert Sunset

I believe in an intelligently designed universe, not one that by chance evolved from nothing over eons of time. Whether you’re a believer in a supreme being or not…just wondering at natures creation calms the mind and lowers the blood pressure.

I feel that my nature photography serves a purpose other than just hanging on a wall. It can represent a time or place in one’s life where peace and tranquillity reigned. I can look at my photographs and remember the soft perfume of flowers, or the oceans scent, or a clean smell of a mountains crisp air.



A photograph of a lightning storm or a monsoon can bring with it the smell of ozone as it cleans the air. All of these wonderful remembrances calm me.

So can photography extend your life? I believe it can, the act of photography as well as the act of gazing, not pixel peeping, a photograph that moves you. As we become older we can draw from memory more and more photographic “scents” that take you back to pleasant times in your life.

Are you taking advantage of photography appreciating its power and calming effects?

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